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Happy New Year 20/20 !

Dear Network, former collegues, friends...

I Wish You a Happy New Year 20/20 for a bright future, with challenges, learnings and successes !

2019 has been a turnaround for me, as I started working independently to advise companies to build their own robust data gouvernance : already successfull with several partnerships in Utilities and Pharma, which I am enjoying a lot !

I have been invited to speak at the #MDMthinklab in Berlin, and shared my experience on how to communicate about such a topic that is hidden into systems, yet sooo important to take care of ! During this event, I have been lucky to speak next to THE data whisperer Scott Taylor, and It's been AWESOME to meet other data lovers from all over the world.

I closed the year getting my Coaching Certification from "Institut de Coaching International"! Coaching individuals is about the same as consulting companies on data management : you ask the right questions to get in depth to what is the best option for them!

I am happy to continue this journey in 2020 with both companies and individuals, and contribute to transform the world...

Stay tuned ! Data IS LIFE !

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